2-Personnel Section


Personnel Definitions 2-0

Personnel File 2-0.1


Employee Relations and Organizations 2-1

Staff Employment Policy 2-2

Procedure for Recording Affiliations of Personnel Not Paid by the University 2-2.1

Procedures for Initiating and Administering Joint Appointments to Faculty Positions 2-2.2

Orientation Program for New Staff Employees 2-3

Health Requirements 2-4

Employment or Supervision of Immediate Family 2-5

Equal Opportunity and Nondiscrimination Employment 2-6

Sexual Harassment and Consensual Relationships 2-6A

Transfer of Members 2-7

Staff Employee Separations 2-8

Reduction in Force and Severance Pay 2-8.1

Corrective Action and Termination Policy for Staff Employees 2-9

Retirement 2-10

Drug-Free Workplace 2-12

Drug Testing 2-12.1

Reinstatement of Permanent Staff Employees 2-13

Americas with Disabilities Act (ADA) Policy 2-14


Leaves of Absence (Health-Related) 2-21

Leaves of Absence (Non Health-Related) 2-22

Leaves (Faculty and Administrative Personnel) 2-23

Garnishments 2-24

Staff Employee Grievances 2-25

Remunerative Consultation and Other Employment Activities 2-26

Medical Practice Plan for the University of Utah School of Medicine Full-Time Faculty 2-26.1

University of Utah College of Nursing Faculty Practice Organizational Faculty Practice Plan 2-26.2

Code of Conduct for Staff 2-27

Vehicle Parking Policy 2-28

Identification Cards 2-29

Conflict of Interest 2-30

Personal Change of Name 2-31

Discrimination and Sexual Harassment Complaint Policy 2-32

University of Utah Staff Advisory Council (UUSAC) 2-33


Holidays and Holiday Premium Pay 2-40

Vacation Policy 2-41

Retirement Programs 2-42

University Insurance Programs 2-43

Other Benefits 2-44

Reduced Tuition Programs 2-45

Early Retirement Incentive Program 2-46

Employee Tax Deferred Programs 2-47

Benefits Eligibility Chart 2-48

Phased Retirement Program 2-49


Staff Compensation 2-59

Payroll Deductions 2-60.1

Additional Compensation and Overload Policy 2-67


Use and Security of Property 2-70

Security Clearances 2-71

Workers Compensation Insurance 2-72

Environmental Health and Safety Policy 2-73

Accident and Liability Reporting and Prevention 2-74

Insurance Inspections 2-75

Violence in the Workplace and Academic Environment 2-76