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Recently Revised Regulations

Interim Rule 6-404C: Undergraduate Admissions - SAT or ACT Scores

In June 2020 the University put Interim Rule 6-404C in place to temporarily suspend admission requirements related to submitting SAT or ACT scores. This rule was to be in effect for a two-year pilot period, ceasing July 1, 2022. Interim Rule R6-404C Revision 1 extends the pilot period for an additional two years, until July 1, 2024.

Replacement of Gender-Specific Pronouns in University Regulations

On January 10, 2022, the Academic Senate passed a resolution supporting replacing gender-specific pronouns with gender-neutral alternatives in University regulations, with a goal of completion by the end of the Spring 2022 semester. These changes have been made throughout the Regulations Library.

Policy 7-001 Policy for Research Misconduct and Related Changes to Policy 6-011 Functions and Procedures of the Senate Consolidated Hearing Committee and Policy 6-316 Code of Faculty Rights and Responsibilities

Effective April 12, 2022, the University revised Policy 7-001: Policy for Research Misconduct based on current Office of Research Integrity Directives and the national dialogue about responsible conduct of research and research misconduct. In addition, the University revised Policy 6-011 and Policy 6-316 to align them with the revised research misconduct policy. For more information about these changes, review the legislative history section of each policy's website. You can learn more about research misconduct on the Office of Research Integrity and Compliance website.

Policy 1-006 Individual Financial Conflict of Interest Policy and Related Regulations

Effective April 12, 2022, the University revised the following regulations related to Individual Financial Conflict of Interest: Policy 1-006: Individual Financial Conflict of Interest Policy Rule 1-006C: Individual Financial Conflict of Interest Policy Procedure 1-006B: Conflict of Interest Office Procedures Related to Requirements for Federally Funded Research Guideline 1-006A: Determining "Relatedness" to Research These revisions finalize changes made as interim policy revisions in 2021 and address new Department of Energy requirements and the possibility of additional federal grant requirements in the future. More information about the changes to each regulation is available by reviewing the legislative history included on each regulation's webpage. For additional information about conflicts of interest, visit the Conflict of Interest Office website.

Policy 3-100 University Procurement and Revisions to Related Regulations

The University revised the following procurement regulations, effective April 12, 2022: Policy 3-100: University Procurement Rule R3-100B: Solicitation of Bids, Approved Vendor List, Proposals, Sole Source and the Award of Procurement Contracts Rule R3-100C: Requisition Use Rule R3-100D: Delegated Small Purchase Authority Rule R3-100E: Restricted Purchases an Special Procurement In addition, the University deleted Rule R3-100A Solicitation by Suppliers and Procedure P3-100A Prepayment Procedure. Learn more about these changes by reviewing the legislative history summary, which is included at the bottom of each regulation's webpage. For questions, contact University Purchasing.

Last Updated: 11/29/21