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Policy 6-307: Resignations

Revision 5. Effective date: April 9, 2007

  1. Purpose and Scope
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  2. Definitions
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  3. Policy: Resignations
    1. A resignation is the expression of a faculty member's decision to discontinue employment with the university. A resignation is distinguished from a dismissal, which is the expression of the university's decision to terminate a faculty member's employment. While any faculty member may be dismissed for adequate cause, a competent faculty member may not be forced to resign because of unproven rumors, unsupported insinuations of improper conduct, or other unfounded efforts to discredit the faculty member's teaching ability or research. The university provides procedural safeguards to insure that proceedings to dismiss a faculty member are conducted fairly and that the dismissal is not a violation of academic freedom (see Policy 6-002 Section 10 -- Consolidated Hearing Committee and Section 11 -- Academic Freedom and Faculty Rights Committee).
      1. Procedures.
        1. Faculty members shall give reasonable advance notice of their pending resignation. Such notice should be given to the cognizant department chairperson or college dean at least four months in advance of the date upon which the resignation is intended to become effective.
        2. The president of the university shall inform the Academic Senate of faculty resignations, except for those faculty members expressly hired for a limited period of time.
        3. Any faculty member shall have the right to request the review of any resignation. Each request for a review shall be referred to the Academic Freedom and Faculty Rights Committee. The committee procedures are described in Policy 6-002, Section 11. No request or review shall delay the effective date of any resignation.
        4. The president of the university and the faculty member who requested the review shall be provided with a copy of the committee's report. The president shall respond to the report in writing to the Academic Freedom and Faculty Rights Committee and to the faculty member. The decision of the president is final.
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  6. Contacts:

    The designated contact officials for this Regulation are

    1. Policy Owners:  Associate Vice President for Faculty and Associate Vice President for Health Sciences.
    2. Policy Officers: Sr. Vice President for Academic Affairs and Sr. Vice President for Health Sciences.

      See University Rule 1-001 for information about the roles and authority of policy owners and policy officers.

  7. History:
    1. Renumbering: Renumbered as Policy 6-307 effective 9/15/2008, formerly known as PPM 9-5.5, and previously as Faculty Regulations Chapter V - Sections 6, 7, 8.

Revision History:

    1. Current Version. Revision 5.
      1.  Approved by – Academic Senate April 2, 2007, and Board of Trustees on April 9, 2007, with an effective date April 9, 2007.
        1. Legislative History of Revision 5.
        2. Editorially revised to remove gendered language on April 19, 2022.
    1. Earlier versions:
      1. Revision 4. Effective dates May 12, 1980 to April 8, 2007.

Policy 6-307 Rev: 5
Date: April 9, 2007

Last Updated: 4/19/22