8-University Regulations

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Policy: 8
Rev: 15

Date: May 8, 2006


Chapter I: Disbursement of University Funds 8-1

Section 1. Budget Preparation

Section 2. Expenditure of Funds

Chapter II: Organization of the University 8-2

Section 1. Academic Organization

Section 2. Administration Organization

Section 3. Faculty Ranks

Section 4. University Faculties and Councils

Chapter III: Officers of the University 8-3

Section 1. The President

Section 2. Vice Presidents

Section 3. Deans of Colleges and Schools

Section 4. Other General Administrative Officers

Section 5. Department Chairpersons

Section 6. Library Directors

Section 7. Review of Deans, Department Chairpersons, and Library Directors

Chapter IV: Appointments, Annuities, and Retirement 8-4

Section 1. Faculty and Library Appointments

Section 2. Term of Appointments

Section 3. Required Disclosure of Criminal Records

Section 4. Period of Responsibility for University Service

Section 5. Off-semester Compensation for Faculty With Nine-month Appointments

Section 6. Annuity Programs

Section 7. Retirement of Faculty Members

Section 8. Payment of Compensation

Chapter V: Faculties, Committees, and Councils 8-5

Section 1. Composition and Authority of the University Faculty

Section 2. Composition and Authority of the Academic Senate

Section 3. Composition and Authority of University Committees

Section 4. Composition and Authority of School and College Faculties

Section 5. Composition and Authority of Graduate Council

Section 6. Undergraduate Council

Section 7. University of Utah Libraries - Policy Statement for their Government and Administration

Chapter VI: Faculty Retention and Tenure 8-6

Section 1. Definitions and Qualifications

Section 2. Achievement of Tenure

Section 3. Pretenure Probationary Period

Section 4. Advance Notice of Termination or Reduction in Status

Section 5. Retention and Tenure Status for Faculty Members Serving as Administrators

Section 6. University Management Policy for Tenured Positions

Chapter VI-A: Academic Librarians and Continuing Appointments 8-6.1

Section 1. General Provisions

Section 2. Advance Notice of Termination or Reduction in Status

Chapter VII: Terminations and Program Discontinuance 8-7

Section 1. Termination of Appointments

Section 3. Procedures Governing Dismissal for Cause or for Medical Reasons

Section 4. Procedures Governing Terminations Required by Financial Exigency

Section 5. Procedures Governing Terminations because of Bona Fide Program Discontinuance for Academic Reasons

Section 6. Effect Upon Students

Section 7. Academic Freedom

Section 8. Employment after Termination

Section 9. Decision-making with Regard to a Major Financial Crisis which is Short of a Financial Exigency

Chapter VIII: Leaves of Absence 8-8S

Chapter VIII-A: Parental Leaves of Absence 8-8.1

Chapter VIII-B School of Medicine (SOM) Parental Leaves of Absence 8-8.2

Chapter IX: University Speech Policies 8-9

Chapter X: Code of Student Rights and Responsibilities 8-10

Section 1. General Provisions and Definitions

Section 2. Student Bill of Rights

Section 3. Student Behavior

Section 4. Student Academic Performance

Section 5. Student Academic Conduct

Section 6. Student Professional and Ethical Conduct

Section 7. Student Records

Chapter XI: Students of the University 8-11

Section 1. General Regulations

Section 2. Associated Students of the University of Utah

Section 3. Apportionment Board

Section 4. Student Affairs Committee

Chapter XII: Code of Faculty Rights and Responsibilities









Chapter XIII: Fraternal Social Organizations 8-13

Chapter XIV: Residency Determination for Tuition 8-14

Chapter XV: Visiting Scholars 8-15

Chapter XVI: Visiting Graduate Student or Visiting Postdoctoral Scholar 8-16

Chapter XX: Amendments 8-20