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Rule 4-003D Web Site Registration

Effective date: July 1, 2019

  1. Purpose and Scope

    1. The purpose of this rule is to outline website registration requirements and procedures for Institutional and Non-institutional Web Sites.

    2. Compliance with these Rules and Procedures is required for all members of the University of Utah community, and governs all World Wide Web (the Web) information and communication systems utilizing University information resources, regardless of ownership, whether individually controlled or shared.

    3. This rule supports section D, Web Site Registration, of the World Wide Web Policy 4-003.

  2. Definitions

    The definitions provided in Policy 4-003: World Wide Web Resources Policy apply for purposes of this Rule, as well as the following:

    1. “Web Content Author” is any person who has been granted access and given responsibility for authoring and/or editing the content of a Web Site or Web Page.

  3. Rule

    Institutional Web Sites must be registered with the University Webmaster. Non- Institutional Web Sites may also be registered in order to gain access to supplemental support services provided by the University Webmaster and/or the Enterprise Web Advisory Council.

    1. Website registration instructions and links are available via the University Webmaster’s U Web Resources page and the University Information Technology Service Catalog.

    2. University Information Technology will maintain a registry of information collected as part of the Web Site registration process, including the following:

      1. Web Site root URL.

      2. Web Site owner name, department, and contact information.

      3. Designated Webmaster name(s) and contact information.

      4. Designated Web Content Author name(s) and contact information.

      5. Domain administrator or point of contact. This includes administrators of third- level domains as well as external registrars of non domains (e.g. .org, .com, .net) used for institutional Web sites.

      6. Technology employed and contact information for Web CMS service provider(s), if applicable.

      7. If Web site conducts Web e-commerce transactions, including the date and status of the most recent security audit.

      8. Verification that the Web Site is compliant with all applicable 4-003 policy requirements.

    3. The University Webmaster is responsible for ensuring that registered Web Sites are properly indexed in the University Search Engine.

      [Note: Parts IV-VII of this Regulation (and all other University Regulations) are Regulations Resource Information – the contents of which are not approved by the Academic Senate or Board of Trustees, and are to be updated from time to time as determined appropriate by the cognizant Policy Officer and the Institutional Policy Committee, as per Policy 1-001 and Rule 1-001.]

  4. Rules, Procedures, Guidelines, Forms and other Related Resources

    1. Rules

      1. For details about Web site copyright requirements, see: Rule 4-003B

      2. For details about University Webmaster responsibilities, see: Rule 4-003C

      3. For details about domain name policies and guidelines, see: Rule 4-003D

      4. For details about Web site privacy requirements, see: Rule 4-003F

      5. For details about Web site design standards, see: Rule 4-003G

      6. For details about Web site commercial speech guidelines, see: Rule 4-003H

      7. For details about web-based e-commerce, see: Rule 4-003I

    2. Procedures [Reserved]

    3. Guidelines [Reserved]

      1. For details about web accessibility, see Guideline 4-003A

    4. Forms [Reserved]

    5. Related Resources

      1. Web site: University Webmaster Resources

      2. Web site: University Website Registration
  5. References

    1. Policy 3-070 Payment Card Acceptance

    2. Policy 4-001 Institutional Data Management Policy

    3. Policy 4-002 Information Resources Policy

    4. Policy 4-004 Information Security Policy

  6. Contacts

    The designated contact officials for this Rule are

    1. Policy Owner (primary contact person for questions and advice): Deputy Chief Information Officer, 801-581-3100

    2. Policy Officer: Chief Information Officer, 801-581-3100

      These officials are designated by the University President or delegee, with assistance of the Institutional Policy Committee, to have the following roles and authority, as provide in University Rule 1-001:

      “A ‘Policy Officer’ will be assigned by the President for each University Policy, and will typically be someone at the executive level of the University (i.e., the President and his/her Cabinet Officers). The assigned Policy Officer is authorized to allow exceptions to the Policy in appropriate cases…”

      “The Policy Officer will identify an ‘Owner’ for each Policy. The Policy Owner is an expert on the Policy topic who may respond to questions about, and provide interpretation of the policy; and will typically be someone reporting to an executive level position (as defined above), but may be any other person to who the President or a Vice President has delegated such authority for a specified area of University operations. The Owner has primary responsibility for maintaining the relevant portions of the Regulations Library… [and] bears the responsibility for determining –requirements of particular Policies….” University Rule 1-001-III-B & E

  7. History

A.Current version: Revision 1, effective date July 1, 2019

1.Approved by Academic Senate April 1, 2019

2.Approved by Board of Trustees April 9, 2019

Rule: 4-003D
Date: July 1, 2019
Last Updated: 9/14/23