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Academic Policies

Appointments of Non-Faculty Academic Personnel

Categories of Non-Faculty Academic Personnel

  • Academic Staff (Associate Instructors, Research Associates); Educational Trainees (Teaching Assistants, Teaching Fellows, Research Assistants); Medical Housestaff (Interns, Residents, Clinical Fellows); Postdoctoral Fellows (6-309)

Appointments Criteria & Procedures for Non-Faculty Academic Personnel

  • (Academic Staff, Educational Trainees, Medical Housestaff, Postdoctoral Fellows) (6-309)
  • Appointments of Academic Staff (6-310)
  • Appointments of Visiting Scholars, Visiting Graduate Students, Visiting Postdoctoral Scholars (6-317, 6-405)
  • Appointments of Instructors of Academic Outreach and Continuing Education Courses (6-102)

Last Updated: 8/4/21