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Policy 2-001: Authority of the University of Utah and the Utah System Higher Education

  1. Purpose and Scope
    1. To outline the University's and the State Board of Regents' authority as granted by the State of Utah
  2. Definitions (Reserved)
  3. Policy
    1. University of Utah
      1. Authority
        1. The University of Utah is an institution of higher learning organized under the constitution and laws of the state of Utah as a body corporate and politic, controlled and supported by the people of the state, and dedicated primarily to disseminating and assimilating knowledge in advanced fields of study and higher learning, research, and intellectual service to the state and nation. The University is granted authority by the state as listed in Utah Code 53B-2-101, 53B-1-102, 53B-17 and other laws as applicable.
      2. Operation
        1. The University is granted responsibility for institutional operation as defined in the State Board of Regents' Policy R121-3.
    2. State Board of Regents
      1. Authority and Functions
        1. The Utah State Board of Regents is empowered as a single board by the legislature to govern the State System of Higher Education, of which the University of Utah is a member, and to centrally direct and plan the course of higher education in Utah, delegating powers to the boards of trustees of members of the state system of higher education at its discretion. Utah Code Ann. 53B-1-103, Board of Regents' Policy R120-3.1 and R121
        2. The authority of the Board of Regents to organize committees is established in Utah Code 53B-1-104 -7a and Board of Regents' Policy R120-3.6.
      2. Elections and Duties of the Officers of the Board of Regents are established as listed in Board of Regents' Policy R120-3.2.
      3. Commissioner of Higher Education
        1. The appointment of and succession plan for the Commissioner of Higher Education are established in Board of Regents' Policy R143 and R121-3.3.2.
        2. The duties and responsibilities of the Commissioner of Higher Education are established in Board of Regents' Policy R141.

    1. [Note: Parts IV-VII of this Regulation (and all other University Regulations) are Regulations Resource Information – the contents of which are not approved by the Academic Senate or Board of Trustees, and are to be updated from time to time as determined appropriate by the cognizant Policy Officer and the Institutional Policy Committee, as per Policy 1-001 and Rule 1-001.]
  4. Rules, Procedures, Guidelines, Forms and other related resources.
      1. Rules
      2. Procedures
      3. Guidelines
      4. Forms
      5. Other related resource materials. Members of the State Board of Regents Members and Bylaws of the University of Utah Board of Trustees
    1. References
      1. Utah Code 53B-2-101
      2. Utah Code 53B-1-102
      3. Utah Code 53B-17
      4. Regents' Policy R120
      5. Regents' Policy R121
      6. Regents' Policy R141
      7. Regents' Policy R143
  5. Contacts:
      1. The designated contact officials for this Policy are:
        1. Policy Owner (primary contact person for questions and advice):Liaison to the Trustees
        2. Policy Officer: the Secretary to the University
      2. These officials are designated by the University President or delegee, with assistance of the Institutional Policy Committee, to have the following roles and authority, as provided in University Rule 1-001:
      3. "A 'Policy Officer' will be assigned by the President for each University Policy, and will typically be someone at the executive level of the University (i.e., the President and his/her Cabinet Officers). The assigned Policy Officer is authorized to allow exceptions to the Policy in appropriate cases.... "
      4. "The Policy Officer will identify an 'Owner' for each Policy. The Policy Owner is an expert on the Policy topic who may respond to questions about, and provide interpretation of the Policy; and will typically be someone reporting to an executive level position (as defined above), but may be any other person to whom the President or a Vice President has delegated such authority for a specified area of University operations. The Owner has primary responsibility for maintaining the relevant portions of the Regulations Library... .[and] bears the responsibility for determining -requirements of particular Policies... ." University Rule 1-001-III-B & E
  6. History:
      1. Current version: Revision 0 Effective date - June 12 2012
        1. Approved by the Academic Senate: May 7, 2012
        2. Approved by the Board of Trustees: June 12, 2012
        3. Legislative History for Revision 0.
        4. Deleted Policies
          1. 2-100: State System of Higher Education - Memberships
          2. 2-101: State System of Higher Education - The University and the State
          3. 2-102: State System of Higher Education - State Board of Regents
          4. 2-103: State System of Higher Education - Officers of the State Board of Regents
          5. 2-104: State System of Higher Education - Committees of the State Board of Regents
          6. 2-105: State System of Higher Education - Commissioner of Higher Education

Policy: 2-001 Rev: 0
Date: June 12, 2012
Last Updated: 8/4/21