7-State System of Higher Education

Policy: 7
Rev: 1

Date: August 24, 1982


Memberships 7-0

Chapter I: The University and the State 7-1

Section 1. Purpose of the University

Chapter II: State Board of Regents 7-2

Section 1. Purpose

Section 2. Membership and Authority

Section 3. Functions

Section 4. Meetings

Section 5. Quorum

Section 6. Parliamentary Rules

Section 7. Order of Business

Chapter III: Officers of the State Board of Regents 7-3

Section 1. Officers Enumerated

Section 2. Election of Officers

Section 3. Duties of Chair and Vice-Chair

Section 4. Duties of Secretary

Section 5. Duties of Treasurer

Chapter IV: Committees of the State Board of Regents 7-4

Section 1. Committees Enumerated

Section 2. Appointment and Membership

Section 3. Executive Committee

Section 4. Committee Meetings

Section 5. Quorum Section 6. Special Committees

Chapter V: Commissioner of Higher Education 7-5

Section 1. Appointment

Section 2. Duties and Responsibilities

Chapter VI: Board of Trustees 7-6

Section 1. Membership and Authority

Section 2. Functions and Responsibilities

Section 3. Meetings

Section 4. Quorum

Section 5. Committees

Chapter VII: The President of the University 7-7

Section 1. Appointment and Authority

Section 2. Responsibilities

Section 3. Duties

Section 4. Rule Promulgation Authority

Chapter VIII: School Disruptions & Civil Disturbance 7-8

Section 1. President May Withdraw Consent Remain on Campus

Section 2. Reinstatement of Consent

Section 3. Authority to Request State or Local Law Assistance

Section 4. Additional Authority of President and Procedures