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Policy 5-304: Other Benefits

  1. Purpose
    1. To outline other benefits, such as service and recreational benefits, available to University Employees, and establish policies toward each.
  2. References
    1. Policy 5-001: Employment Definitions
  3. Definitions
    1. "Benefits Eligible" is defined in Policy 5-001.
    2. "Employee" is defined in Policy 5-001.
    3. Faculty" is defined in Policy 5-001.
    4. "Full-time" is defined in Policy 5-001.
    5. "Part-time" is defined in Policy 5-001.
    6. "Staff" or “Staff Member” is defined in Policy 5-001.
  4. Policy
    1. Service Benefits
      1. Bookstore
        1. All Employees issued a pictured uUniversity I.D. card are granted a discount of 10 percent on most nontextbook items purchased from the bookstore.Employees must present their identification card when making bookstore purchases.
      2. Credit Union
        1. All Employees, including Full and Part-time Faculty, and Staff Members, and their eligible family members, are eligible to participate in the University of Utah Employee's Credit Union, a cooperative society organized under a state charter which provides Employees with a systematic savings plan and lending services. Additional information may be obtained from the Credit Union Office.
      3. Library Privileges
        1. University Employees issued a valid university I.D. card are entitled to library privileges and are encouraged to use them. All books borrowed are subject to library regulations.
        2. Fines for overdue and lost material, if not resolved by payment, consultation with library staff, or reviewed by the Library Policy Advisory Committee, will be deducted from Employee paychecks.
      4. Medical Services
        1. Students, Faculty, and Staff Members may consult school of medicine faculty doctors by requesting an appointment directly or on referral from a community physician. In an emergency, the University hospital emergency room is available at any hour of the day or night.
        2. Selected health care services, such as immunizations, blood pressure checks, and treatment of other minor health problems are provided to University Employees by the Student Health Service on a fee for service basis.
    2. Recreational Benefits
      1. Campus Recreation Services Department
        1. Recreation facilities for both indoor and outdoor sports are available for use by University Employees with valid I.D. cards, and their families, subject to payment of approved fees. Information relating to use of or participation in the intramural, outdoor, and informal open recreation programs may be obtained from the Campus Recreation Services Department. Arrangements for use of these facilities and programs, as well as reservations for the open recreation use of the HPER Complex, Fieldhouse, and court sports may be made at the Einar Nelson Fieldhouse Office.
        1. Union Building Activities
        2. Union Building activities such as bowling, table tennis, billiards, chess, and movies are available to all University Employees at current rates.
    3. Ticket Discounts
      1. Employees with valid I.D. cards may purchase reserved seat tickets for athletic events and University Theatre productions at established discounts provided that such tickets are purchased for the entire season of events and/or productions.
      2. The University Travel Club offers ticket discounts to Employees with a valid I.D. card
      3. Reduced admission to selected events at the Special Events Center, lectures, and concerts is available to Employees with a valid I.D. card.
      4. Ticket discounts for local movie theatres and sports events are available at the Union Building information desk and the bookstore service desk.
  5. Contacts
    1. Policy Owner: Questions about this Policy and any related Rules, Procedures and Guidelines should be directed to the Director of Benefits for Human Resources.
    2. Policy Officer: Only the Chief Human Resources Officer or his/her designee has the authority to grant exceptions to this Policy.
  6. History
    1. Editorially revised: October 11, 2011
      1. Editorial changes were made to this document to reflect the changes in employee definitions as set forth in Policy 5-100.

Approved: Board of Trustees 5/17/99


Policy: 5-304 Rev: 7
Date: May 17, 1999
Last Updated: 8/4/21