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Policy 5-202: Leaves (Faculty and Administrative Personnel)

  1. Purpose
    1. To outline the University policy toward leaves for faculty and administrative personnel.
  2. References
    1. Policy 5-200, Leaves of Absence With Pay
    2. Policy 5-200, Leaves of Absence Without Pay
    3. Policy 5-301, Vacation Policy
    4. Policy 6-314, Leaves of Absence
  3. Policy
    1. Leave for Administrators with Faculty Appointments
      1. Administrative officers such as deans, ranking student personnel officers, and others of the professional University staff, and who also hold faculty appointments, shall be eligible after three years of service in the University to request in lieu of vacation, one half semester's leave with pay every six semesters for the purpose of research or investigation or to acquire professional experience of value and significance to the University. Since the ways in which administrative leave is used may vary, the administrator who is eligible to apply for this leave shall submit a preliminary plan to the vice president to whom the administrator reports (those who report directly to the president shall submit the same preliminary plan to the president) for approval in connection with the original application for leave. Following the completion of administrative leave, a final report will be submitted in the same manner. Administrative approval for these leaves will occur in a manner that is consistent with the reporting system with the president approving only those requests from the cognizant vice president. The Board of Trustees will receive the approvals for its ratification prior to the commencement of the administrative leave.
      2. Such officers of the University as are described above who hold faculty appointments may also be eligible for a sabbatical leave, provided that not less than six years of service shall precede the awarding of the leave and also provided that no other kind of leave with pay or partial pay has been taken during the six-year period.
    2. Leave for Administrators without Faculty Appointments
      1. Officers of the administration classified as Category B may be eligible after three years of continuous service at the university to request administrative leave. This leave is limited to a period of three calendar months with pay and the individual is expected to contribute one year's increment of annual vacation to the period covered by the leave.
      2. Such leaves may be granted when the purpose of the leave will be of value to the university in that the recipient is expected to engage in significant research or investigation, acquire professional training or experience, or complete the final phase of a doctoral degree, provided also that no other administrative or sabbatical leave with pay or partial pay has been taken during this three year period.
      3. Administrators without faculty appointment and classified as Category D are eligible for administrative leave with pay if they meet the criteria described in the preceding paragraph, except that the purpose of the leave must be specifically to complete the final phase of a doctoral level program that has particular value to the university.
    3. Benefits During Leave
      1. To the extent permitted by law, personnel on leave will be regarded as in active University employment status for purposes of benefits and will continue to receive and accrue such benefits under applicable University policies as if they were in active University service, except that payments for insurance premiums and retirement contributions which are related to amount of the employee's compensation will be based upon actual payments made to the individual by the University during the period of the leave and not upon the budgeted salary for the position. Subject to legal restrictions, the individual may make arrangements with the Employee Services Center for personal payment of additional amounts, if necessary to maintain full insurance and retirement benefits during the period of the leave.
  4. Contacts
    1. Policy Owners: Questions about this Policy and any related Rules, Procedures and Guidelines should be directed to the Associate Vice President for Faculty and the Associate Vice President for Health Sciences.

    2. Policy Officers: Only the Sr. Vice President for Academic Affairs and the Sr. Vice President for Health Sciences or their designees have the authority to grant exceptions to this Policy.

Editorially revised 11/18/77


Policy: 5-202 Rev: 4
Date: Nov. 18, 1977
Last Updated: 8/4/21