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Policy 5-104: Health Requirements

  1. Purpose
    1. To assure all Employees meet federal, state, and local health requirements.
  2. General Policy
    1. The university shall have the right to require physical examinations and testing of Employees when questions of health arise which are related to working conditions or performance. Requests for such examinations will be processed by the Human Resources Vice President upon the approval of the appropriate vice president.
    2. Examinations and diagnostic tests required by the university will be at no expense to the employee concerned.
    3. Individuals are encouraged to take advantage of the University Health Service Program for skin testing and chest x-rays which are available to faculty and staff for a minimal fee.
  3. Procedures In Special Areas
    1. University Hospital
      1. All individuals employed at the University Hospital are required to participate in the hospital's employee health program. Employment is conditional until a tuberculin skin test and chest x-ray are taken and a medical history form is completed. A physical examination and diagnostic Procedures may be required at the request of the hospital employee health physician.
      2. Employees known to have a positive tuberculin test and a negative x-ray examination will be required to have x-rays yearly.
      3. Employees found to have a negative tuberculin test will be required to have new tests yearly. Conversion of the test to positive will require evaluation and treatment by a physician. The evaluation and therapy should be performed or approved by the hospital employee health physician.
      4. Individuals in the hospital in direct patient care are offered tuberculin skin tests every six months at no charge. In addition, hospital personnel are offered free immunization shots for communicable disease.
    2. Food Service All persons within fourteen days of entering or engaging in the manufacturing, preparation or handling of food or drink, shall obtain a food handler's permit from the Salt Lake County Health Department. (No tuberculin skin test is required.) This permit must be renewed every four years from the date of issue.
    3. Plant Operations Applicants for occupations requiring heavy physical exertion may be required to obtain a physical examination prior to employment.
    4. Areas Hazardous to Health All individuals working in areas exposing them to substances or conditions that could be hazardous to health, as determined by state and federal laws, are required to participate in the university's health monitoring program. The Office of Safety Services will help evaluate substances and/or conditions to determine if monitoring of environmental conditions or of employee health is needed.

      1. [Note: Parts IV-VII of this Regulation (and all other University Regulations) are Regulations Resource Information – the contents of which are not approved by the Academic Senate or Board of Trustees, and are to be updated from time to time as determined appropriate by the cognizant Policy Officer and the Institutional Policy Committee, as per Policy 1-001 and Rule 1-001.]
  4. Rules, Procedures, Guidelines, Forms and other related resources
    1. Rules [reserved]
    2. Procedure [reserved]
    3. Guidelines [reserved]
    4. Forms [reserved]
    5. Other related resource materials [reserved]
      1. Tobacco Free Campus Guidelines
  5. References [reserved]
  6. Contact 
    1. The designated contact officials for this Policy are:
      1. Policy Owner (primary contact person for questions and advice): Director of Employment Services for Human Resources.
      2. Policy Officer: Chief Human Resources Officer
        1. These officials are designated by the University President or delegee, with assistance of the Institutional Policy Committee, to have the following roles and authority, as provided in University Rule 1-001:
        2. "A 'Policy Officer' will be assigned by the President for each University Policy, and will typically be someone at the executive level of the University (i.e., the President and his/her Cabinet Officers). The assigned Policy Officer is authorized to allow exceptions to the Policy in appropriate cases.... "
        3. "The Policy Officer will identify an 'Owner' for each Policy. The Policy Owner is an expert on the Policy topic who may respond to questions about, and provide interpretation of the Policy; and will typically be someone reporting to an executive level position (as defined above), but may be any other person to whom the President or a Vice President has delegated such authority for a specified area of University operations. The Owner has primary responsibility for maintaining the relevant portions of the Regulations Library... . [and] bears the responsibility for determining -requirements of particular Policies... ." University Rule 1-001-III-B & E
  7. History
    1. Formatting and Tobacco Free Campus Guidelines added to References; July 1, 2016.
    2. Renumbering: Renumbered as Policy 5-104 effective 9/15/2008, formerly known as PPM 2-4.
    3. Revision History:
      1. Current Version: Revision 6
        1. Effective Dates: June 29, 2004 to present
        2. Editorially revised: October 11, 2011
          1. Editorial changes were made to this document to reflect the changes in employee definitions as set forth in Policy 5-100.
      2. Earlier Versions:
        1. Revision 5: effective dates December 28, 1988 to June 28, 2004 (editorial revision)
        2. Revision 4: effective dates July 8, 1974 to December 27, 1988
          1. Approved: Institutional Council, July 8, 1974

Policy: 5-104 Rev: 6
Date: June 29, 2004
Last Updated: 1/30/17