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Rule 1-004A: Application of the Violence in the Workplace and Academic Environment Policy

  1. Purpose:
    1. This rule identifies the application of the Violence in the Workplace and the Academic Environment Policy.
  1. References
    1. Policy 5-004 Violence in the Workplace and Academic Environment
  1. Definitions
  1. Rule
    1. In cases of alleged violation of Policy 1-004, managers will consult with Public Safety, the appropriate administrative office (Human Resources for staff, Health Sciences or Academic Affairs for faculty, Student Affairs for students), and other campus agencies as appropriate.
    2. Any person who knowingly brings a false charge under this Policy will be disciplined in accordance with University Regulations. Individuals, who in good faith, report violent incidents or present evidence in an investigation, are protected from any retaliatory actions or any negative administrative or academic action.
    3. The University may pursue and/or support criminal prosecution of those who threaten or commit work-related violence against its employees, students, faculty members, patients, visitors or property of such individuals.
    4. Employees or students who obtain judicial protective restraining orders listing University locations as protected, must promptly provide a copy of such orders to the University Public Safety Department; Police Division. The University will respect the confidentiality of such matters insofar as it does not interfere with the University's legal obligation to respond appropriately.
    5. The University will ensure that all reports of workplace violence are dealt with appropriately and treated confidentially to the maximum extent possible.
    6. Violations will be addressed through the appropriate University disciplinary Procedures or other appropriate channels.
    7. The University will respond promptly and assertively to threats or acts of violence. This response will include timely involvement of the University's Public Safety Department; Police Division, appropriate administrative office, and other campus agencies, as appropriate. Violent acts or threats of violent acts shall be promptly reported.
    8. Public Safety Police Officers and Security Officers are allowed (as outlined under their training guidelines) to use the force necessary to restrain an individual and or the force necessary to bring under control a violent situation.
  1. Contact
    1. Acting as the Policy Owner, the General Counsel is responsible for answering questions and providing information regarding the application of this policy.
    2. Acting as the Policy Officers, the Vice-President and General Counsel are responsible for representing the University's interests in enforcing this policy and authorizing any allowable exceptions.
  1. History
    1. Current version: Revision 0
      1. Effective date: October 11, 2011
    2. Earlier versions:

Rule: 1-004A Rev: 0
Date: October 11, 2011
Last Updated: 8/4/21