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Policy 1-009: University Archives

  1. Purpose
    1. To establish the University Archives for the University of Utah and to define and outline University Policy toward achieving the proper maintenance, preserved, and disposal of University records.
  2. Definitions
    1. University Records - all written or printed books, papers, letters, documents, maps, plans, photographs, sound recordings, and other records made or received pursuant to state law and in connection with the operation of the university in all its facets.
    2. University Archives - the official depository for all non-current university records of permanent or historic value not required to remain with the originating office.
    3. Records Management - the application of efficient and economical methods to the creation, utilization, maintenance, retention, preservation, and disposal of records.
  3. Policy
    1. The university archivist and historian has the responsibility and authority to develop and maintain the university archives.
    2. All university records are state records and cannot be destroyed or otherwise disposed of except as provided by state law. (GRAMA Law)
    3. The originating offices shall be responsible for the maintenance and preservation of all university records under their control until officially transferred to the university archives or disposed of in accordance with university Policy and state law.
    4. To guard against unauthorized disclosure of personally identifiable information without the specific approval of the person involved, colleges, departments, and agencies are directed to make the following depositories their "office of record" for official student and personnel records, as indicated:
      1. Office of Vice President for Academic Affairs for faculty records.
      2. Personnel Office for staff records.
      3. Office of the Dean of Student Affairs and Services for student records.
      4. Records reflecting personnel actions that are created by a college, department, or agency and do not fit appropriately in one of the "offices of record" noted above, should be maintained separately from other records in the originating office so that their status as private or confidential documents can be maintained both in the office and when the records are transferred to the university archives.
    5. Since legal standards must be met in microfilming official university records, any university office or activity planning microfilming projects must confer with the university archivist and historian prior to the purchase of microfilming equipment or processing.
    6. All university records of permanent or historic value should be transferred to the university archives when their value for general research exceeds their administrative and research value to the originating office.
    7. In the interest of assuring the proper preservation of materials pertaining to the university and the maximum utility of these materials, each issuing office shall forward two copies of all publications issued by it to the university archives.
    8. The university archivist and historian shall provide assistance to the various university offices by providing storage space for noncurrent records, by securing authorization as provided by state law to dispose of useless records, and by furnishing technical assistance in the establishment of records management programs.
    1. -------------------------------------------------------------------------
    2. [Note: Parts IV-VII of this Regulation (and all other University Regulations) are Regulations Resource Information – the contents of which are not approved by the Academic Senate or Board of Trustees, and are to be updated from time to time as determined appropriate by the cognizant Policy Officer and the Institutional Policy Committee, as per Policy 1-001 and Rule 1-001.]
  4. Contacts:
    1. The designated contact officials for this Policy are:
      1. Policy Owner (primary contact person for questions and advice):University Librarian and Director
      2. Policy Officer: Vice President and General Counsel
    2. These officials are designated by the University President or delegee, with assistance of the Institutional Policy Committee, to have the following roles and authority, as provided in University Rule 1-001:
    3. "A 'Policy Officer' will be assigned by the President for each University Policy, and will typically be someone at the executive level of the University (i.e., the President and his/her Cabinet Officers). The assigned Policy Officer is authorized to allow exceptions to the Policy in appropriate cases.... "
    4. "The Policy Officer will identify an 'Owner' for each Policy. The Policy Owner is an expert on the Policy topic who may respond to questions about, and provide interpretation of the Policy; and will typically be someone reporting to an executive level position (as defined above), but may be any other person to whom the President or a Vice President has delegated such authority for a specified area of University operations. The Owner has primary responsibility for maintaining the relevant portions of the Regulations Library... .[and] bears the responsibility for determining which reference materials are helpful in understanding the meaning and requirements of particular Policies... ." University Rule 1-001-III-B & E
  5. History
    1. Current Version
    2. Approved by the Institutional Council: January 12, 1987

Policy: 1-009 Rev: 3
Date: January 28, 1987
Last Updated: 7/12/17