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University of Utah Tobacco Free Campus Guidelines

  1. 1. Purpose and Scope:
    1. The University of Utah has a responsibility to its employees and students and visitors to provide a safe and healthful environment as outlined in the Utah Clean Air Act. Research findings show that tobacco use in general, including smoking and breathing secondhand smoke, constitutes a significant health hazard. Smoking is prohibited in all campus buildings and outside in areas of the campus where non-smokers cannot avoid exposure to smoke.
    2. The scope of this guideline applies to the premises of the University of Utah, owned, operated and leased and all persons on the premises.
  2. 2. Reference:
    1. Utah Indoor Clean Air Act* (UICAA)
  3. 3. Definition:
    1. Smoking is defined as burning any type of tobacco product including, but not limited to, cigarettes, e-cigarettes, cigars, cigarillos, and pipes.
  4. 4. Guidelines:
    1. Smoking is prohibited in all university facilities
      1. Smoking is prohibited in all campus buildings, including classrooms, lecture halls, laboratories, offices, work areas, study areas, reception areas, meeting rooms, lobbies, hallways, stairwells, elevators, eating areas, lounges, restrooms, stadium and parking structures. Smoking is prohibited in all partially enclosed areas such as covered walkways, breezeways and walkways between sections of buildings, and bus-stop shelters; areas immediately adjacent to building entrances; and exterior stairways and landings.
      2. Organizers and attendees at public events, such as conferences, meetings, public lectures, social events and cultural events, using University of Utah facilities will be required to abide by the University Tobacco Policy. Organizers of such events are responsible for communicating this policy to attendees and for enforcing this policy.
      3. Smoking is prohibited in all The University of Utah Housing and Residential Education facilities. Smoking is also restricted in University Student Apartments to limited areas as defined in their policies. See:
      4. Smoking is prohibited up to 25 feet outside any enclosed area where smoking is prohibited to ensure that secondhand smoke does not enter the area through entrances, windows, ventilation systems, or any other means.
      5. Smoking is prohibited in all University of Utah vehicles.
    2. The sale or delivery of tobacco products on campus is prohibited.
    3. The free distribution of tobacco products on campus is prohibited
    4. Campus organizations are prohibited from accepting gifts of tobacco products.
      1. Campus organizations are prohibited from accepting gifts of tobacco products from tobacco companies. This includes parties sponsored by tobacco companies as well as the distribution of free, reduced-price, or fully priced tobacco products (T-shirts, hats, and other merchandise with tobacco company logos, etc.) on campus.
      2. All tobacco advertising in public spaces, such as billboards and signs in sports stadium, is prohibited.
    5. Advertisements promoting tobacco use or sponsored by tobacco companies are prohibited in college-run publications.
    6. The University of Utah encourages smoking cessation counseling and treatment for students, faculty and staff.
      1. The University of Utah, through its Student Health Services and Employee Assistance Program has smoking cessation and treatment programs available to students, faculty and staff.
    7. Enforcement
      1. Effective implementation of these guidelines depends upon the courtesy, respect, and cooperation of all members of the University of Utah community. Complaints or disputes should be brought to the attention of the University employee who has immediate responsibility for the workplace, event, or residence, or to her/his supervisor. If satisfactory resolution is not reached, the Managing Director of Occupational and Environmental Health and Safety should be consulted.
  5. 5. Reference:
  6. Utah Indoor Clean Air Act* (UICCA)

Last Updated: 8/4/21