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Policy 3-233: Operation of Motorized Vehicles on Pedestrian Walks

  1. Purpose
    1. To provide a safe environment for students, faculty, staff, and visitors at the University of Utah.
  2. References
    1. Policy 5-206, Vehicle Parking Policy
  3. Policy
    1. General Provisions
      1. The University of Utah, in order to provide a safe environment for students, faculty, staff, and visitors, regulates the operation of motor vehicles on sidewalks and plazas. Generally, operation of motor vehicles on university sidewalks and plazas is prohibited.
    2. Definition of Motor Vehicle
      1. The term motor vehicle means any motor vehicle which in accordance with state laws must be registered and licensed with the Utah Department of Motor Vehicles and any other motor vehicles so designated by the vice president for administrative services. It does not include motorized wheelchairs or scooters used by individuals with physical disabilities.
    3. Event Specific Exceptions
      1. A permit to operate a motor vehicle on sidewalks may be issued by the Director of Facility Operations, or designee. Permits will only be issued when the requesting department or individual justifies the need to operate vehicles on sidewalks for a specific event or task. Permits must be prominently displayed on the vehicle as directed when issued so that relevant information can be observed from outside the vehicle. The following are examples of events or tasks for which permission to drive motor vehicles on sidewalks may be granted:
        1. Delivery of materials and equipment to landlocked buildings (e.g., HPER, the Jon Huntsman Center, Orson Spencer Hall, and the west side of Austin Hall).
        2. The moving of furniture and equipment to/from buildings without other adequate access, particularly when such furniture/equipment cannot be moved by cart or dolly from a designated parking stall.
        3. Specific renovation/remodeling projects.
        4. Special events.
    4. Permanent Exceptions
      1. The following motorized vehicles may operate on sidewalks without a permit due to the specific service they provide:
        1. Public emergency vehicles.
        2. Law enforcement vehicles.
        3. University Golf carts, used for university business, not intended for road use.
        4. University grounds equipment, including snow removal equipment.
        5. Vehicles dropping off individuals with physical disabilities for work, classes or other business at the university during inclement weather.
        6. Other vehicles specifically required to mitigate emergencies and catastrophic events.
    5. Other Provisions
      1. Permits shall specify the authorized use, including the route to be followed, the expiration period, and the purpose for traveling on sidewalks.
      2. Outside vendors and contractors must obtain permits, which shall be requested by the department or unit receiving the services or sponsoring the event.
      3. Unless otherwise approved, a vehicle may not be left parked on the sidewalk. After unloading equipment, materials, tools, etc. the vehicle must be moved to an appropriate parking stall.
      4. Vehicles operated on sidewalks must not exceed a speed limit of 5 mph.
    6. Violations of Policy
      1. Any person may contact the University Police dispatch to report a violation of this policy.
      2. Violators may be given a citation by Parking Services and/or University Police and vehicles may be impounded. Drivers of University vehicles will be personally responsible for citations, as will registered owners of other vehicles.
      3. Violation notices will be processed and settled through the offices of Parking and Transportation Services in accordance with the rules governing parking violation notices.
    7. Student Apartments
      1. The appropriate bodies may adopt policies regarding vehicles on sidewalks in University Student Apartment areas.

Approved: Board of Trustees 7/13/98


Policy: 3-233 Rev:
Date: July 13, 1998
Last Updated: 8/4/21