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Policy 3-231: Control of Animals on Campus

Revision #2. Effective date: August 15, 2023

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  1. Purpose and Scope
  2. Definitions
  3. Policy
    1. Animals on Campus
    2. Violations of Policy
    3. Animals Used for University Activities
    4. Student Apartments
  4. Policies/ Rules, Procedures, Guidelines, Forms and other Related Resources
  5. References
  6. Contacts
  7. History

  1. Purpose and Scope‌

    1. Purpose.

      To provide for a mutually supportive environment for leashed animals, service dogs, the people they accompany and the community at large on campus at the University of Utah.

    2. Scope.


  2. Definitions‌


  3. Policy‌

    1. Animals on Campus‌

      1. All animals on campus must be on a leash and under the constant supervision and control of their owner/guardian at all times.

      2. Except for service animals, no animals are permitted in University buildings or facilities.

      3. No animal may be left unattended at any time on campus. No animals may be tied or tethered to any University property, including, but not limited to buildings, railings, bike racks, fire hydrants, fences, sign posts, benches, and trees.

      4. Animals are not permitted in flower gardens/beds or fountains.

      5. Animals may not disrupt or interfere with University activities, including but not limited to teaching, research, service or administrative activities.

      6. Owners/guardians are responsible for cleaning up after their animals. Owners/guardians are strictly liable for any damage to property or injury to persons caused by their animals.

      7. Owners/guardians must comply with all state, county and city laws pertaining to animal control while on campus.

    2. Violations of Policy‌

      1. Any person may contact the University Police dispatch to report a violation of this policy.

      2. Owners who violate this policy may be given a citation by University Police or Salt Lake City or Salt Lake County animal control officers and/or their animals may be impounded.

      3. Violation notices will be processed and settled through the offices of Parking and Transportation Services in accordance with the rules governing parking violation notices.

      4. Violation notice fees must be paid within seven (7) working days. After the seven-day period, additional fees or penalties will be invoked.

      5. Failure to settle violation notice fees by students may result in registration or transcript holds or disciplinary action under Policy 6-400.

      6. Unsettled violation notice fees may be withheld from the paychecks of faculty and staff. Faculty or staff who chronically or flagrantly violate this policy may be referred to the appropriate University committee or administration for disciplinary action.

      7. Failure to settle violation notice fees by nonuniversity owners/guardians may result in civil or criminal penalties.

    3. Animals Used for University Activities‌

      1. This policy does not apply to animals used by the University for teaching, research, therapeutic or other authorized University activities.

    4. Student Apartments‌

      1. The appropriate bodies may adopt more stringent policies regarding animals in University Student Apartment areas.

        Sections IV- VII are for user information and are not subject to the approval of the Academic Senate or the Board of Trustees. The Institutional Policy Committee, the Policy Owner, or the Policy Officer may update these sections at any time.

  4. Policies/ Rules, Procedures, Guidelines, Forms and other Related Resources‌

    1. Policies/ Rules. [ reserved ]

    2. Procedures, Guidelines, and Forms. [ reserved ]

    3. Other Related Resources. [ reserved ]

  5. References‌

    1. Salt Lake City Code, Chapter 8, Animals

    2. Salt Lake County Code Ordinances, Chapter 8, Animals

  6. Contacts‌

    The designated contact officials for this Regulation are:

    1. Policy Owner(s) (primary contact person for questions and advice):

    2. Policy Officer(s):

      See Rule 1-001 for information about the roles and authority of policy owners and policy officers.

  7. History‌

    Revision History.

    1. Current version. Revision 2.

      1. Approved by Academic Senate April 11, 2023 and Board of Trustees June 13, 2023, with effective date of August 15, 2023.
      2. Legislative History
      3. Editorial Revisions
    2. Previous versions.

      1. Revision 1. Effective September 5, 1997
    3. Renumbering

      1. Renumbered from Policy and Procedure Manual 5-13.

Last Updated: 8/15/23