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Policy 3-230: Floor Coverings

  1. Purpose
    1. To establish a policy regarding the installation of new and replacement floor coverings in university buildings.
  2. References
    1. Policy 3-210, Facility Operations
  3. Definitions
    1. University Design Standards, as used in this policy, refers to a guideline published by and available from Campus Design & Construction. The Design Standards contain specifications, descriptions, and installation Procedures for floor coverings in university buildings.
  4. Policy
    1. General
      1. Selection and installation of floor coverings in university buildings shall be governed by University Design Standards.
    2. Selection Criteria
      1. Floor coverings will be selected based on the following criteria which are not necessarily listed in order of priority:
        1. Quality/practicability.
        2. Economy.
        3. Custodial maintenance.
        4. Acoustics.
        5. Safety.
        6. Traffic density.
        7. Location and function of the area.
        8. Environmental factors.
    3. Installation Standards
      1. Generally the following areas will be eligible for installation of carpet:
        1. Offices, lounges, reception areas, and seminar/conference/classrooms.
        2. Study rooms, libraries, and auditoriums.
        3. Low-traffic halls on floors above entry levels, and removed from outside entrances.
      2. Generally the following areas will not be eligible for installation of carpet:
        1. Main entry foyers and circulation pathways on building entry levels.
        2. Areas containing laboratory or mechanical equipment, or vending machines.
        3. Rest rooms.
        4. Maintenance shops and custodial closets.
        5. Stairs.
        6. Areas where use requires a different floor covering.
      3. Floor coverings of inconsistent or incompatible character, such as combination of tile and carpet, on the same surface, will be approved only when necessary to meet special requirements.
      4. Before new carpet is installed, the requesting department must agree to install protective devices that meet university standards on all moveable furniture and equipment that will be placed on the carpet to prevent undue wear. Protective devices include chair pads under desks or casters or glides on chair legs.
      5. Funding of Floor Coverings and Installation:
        1. If carpet is requested to replace other types of existing floor coverings, the requesting department shall be responsible for funding the project.
        2. Replacement of existing worn carpet shall be funded from maintenance accounts administered by Facility Operations. Before a worn carpet becomes a safety hazard, Facility Operations should be notified. If, after examination, Facility Operations determines a carpet should be replaced or repaired, a maintenance project priority will be assigned by Facility Operations.
      6. A floor covering offered as a gift to the university should not be accepted until Campus Design & Construction has determined that the product quality and proposed methods of installation meet university design standards. The acceptance of and receipting for in-kind donations must be handled by the Development Office.
    4. Other University Entities
      1. Auxiliary units and other entities identified in Section IV.A.2.a of Policy 3-210, Facility Operations are exempt from the specific requirements of this policy. Those units should abide by the intent of the policy but may opt for alternative specifications to meet needs unique to their facilities.
  5. Procedures
    1. To request new floor coverings, an Architectural and Engineering Request Form should be submitted to Campus Design & Construction.
    2. Requests for replacement of floor coverings should be directed to Facility Operations.
    3. The department submitting a request for replacement of existing floor coverings or installation of new floor coverings will be contacted by personnel from either Facility Operations or Campus Design & Construction as applicable.

Approved: Board of Trustees 5/13/96

Policy: 3-230 Rev: 1
Date: May 13, 1996
Last Updated: 8/4/21