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Policy 3-205: Remodeling and Construction Policy

  1. Purpose
    1. To provide for the planning, funding, approval, design and completion of remodeling and construction projects. These policies and Procedures do not apply to the request for maintenance items which are handled by Facility Operations, reference Policy 3-210.
  2. Definition
    1. Remodeling and construction for the purpose of this policy is defined to include the following:
      1. Alterations, improvement, renovation or remodeling of existing facilities.
      2. Changes in utility systems: air conditioning, heating, electrical, plumbing, air, gas, etc.
      3. Major equipment installation requiring utilities connections or other requirements, such as cooling, etc.
      4. Interior decorating, floor coverings, window coverings and furnishings.
      5. Facility design, program development, and planning.
      6. Design, feasibility studies or cost estimates on remodeling and construction.
  3. General Policy
    1. All remodeling of university facilities requires prior approval of the cognizant dean or director and the cognizant vice president, and shall be coordinated through the office of Facilities Planning and Construction.
    2. Construction and remodeling work shall be performed by either licensed contractors or Facility Operations. Departments or individuals are not authorized to perform remodeling or construction work unless, and only to the extent that, written authorization is given by the vice president for administrative services.
    3. Remodeling must be of quality design, with materials and workmanship appropriate for the particular project, and ordinarily must be equal to or exceed the construction quality of existing facilities and conform to university standards and state building codes.
      1. Inspections will be required by the appropriate designees of the vice president for administrative services or by the Utah State Building Board, depending on the size and scope of the project.
      2. Departmental personnel are requested to direct all communications relative to a project to the assigned project coordinator in the office of Facilities Planning and Construction.
      3. Job site visits may not be made without prior arrangement with the project coordinator.
      4. Communication with the contractor shall not be made except by the project coordinator.
    4. The vice president for administrative services or his designee shall be the official liaison between the university and the Utah State Building Board.
    5. Remodeling and construction projects have significant effect on the university facilities master plan shall be reviewed by the Campus Planning Advisory Committee.
    6. Remodeling and construction projects will normally be categorized and administered as follows:
      1. Projects under $3,000 may be designed and contracted in accordance with university procurement Procedures.
      2. Projects over $3,000 but less than $8,000 may be designed under university Procedures, and do not require Utah State Building Board approval, but must be bid publicly in accordance with university procurement Procedures.
      3. Projects over $8,000 must be designed and constructed under the direction, and pursuant to applicable policies, of the Utah State Building Board.
  4. Procedures for Requesting Remodeling Approval and Funding
    1. Annual Requests
      1. The college or other operating department submits an annual request for funds to the cognizant vice president, in accordance with forms and instructions provided by the Facilities Advisory Committee.
        1. Each request should be submitted on a Remodeling and Construction Request Form.
        2. Projects should be prioritized within each college or operating department.
        3. Each request should include specific requirements, justifications of need, and facts showing that the project is compatible with the long range departmental plans.
      2. The vice president establishes overall priorities for the total cognizant area of responsibility and submits a consolidated set of requests to the chairperson of the Facilities Advisory Committee with such comments and explanations as may be appropriate.
      3. The Facilities Advisory Committee reviews the requests and:
        1. Determines the highest priority items to be recommended for funding approval.
        2. Obtains preparation of scope/program statement and budget estimate from Facilities Planning and Construction.
        3. Makes recommendations to the president for funding of specific high priority remodeling or construction projects, and advises the requesting unit as to which requests are approved, deferred, and disapproved.
        4. Recommends proposed projects of major significance for inclusion in the university's capital facilities submittal.
    2. Special Requests for which Funds Have Not Been Included in the Budget of the Requesting Unit or Otherwise Allocated
      1. College or other operating department submits a Remodeling and Construction Request Form to the cognizant vice president for any projects not included in the annual request list governed by Section IV.A, above.
      2. The vice president reviews the request to determine if funding should be supported, establishes the project priority, and forwards the request to Facilities Planning and Construction.
      3. Facilities Planning and Construction prepares a scope statement and budget estimate, and submits the proposal to the Facilities Advisory Committee for funding consideration.
      4. Facilities Advisory Committee reviews request and makes recommendations to the Contingency Fund Committee for approval or disapproval of the request and, if the project is recommended for approval, a priority ranking and funding source.
    3. Procedures for Processing Remodeling and Construction Requests for which Funds Have Been Budgeted or Otherwise Made Available
      1. The college or other operating department prepares a Remodeling and Construction Request Form and submits it to the cognizant vice president in accordance with instructions approved by the Facilities Advisory Committee. Each request shall include:
        1. Description of work
        2. Source of funding
        3. Requested completion date
        4. Program planning documentation
        5. Approval of the dean or director of the operating department
      2. The vice president reviews request and forwards it to Facilities Planning and Construction with an endorsement indicating a priority for approved project accomplishment, pursuant to the following priority classifications:
        1. Urgent -- special consideration
        2. High Priority -- do as soon as possible
        3. Low Priority -- do when possible
      3. Facilities Planning and Construction visits requesting department to determine scope of the work, and provides a preliminary cost estimate.
      4. The requesting department provides a five percent (5%) deposit, based on the preliminary cost estimate, by fund transfer to the university remodeling account, which is administered by Facilities Planning and Construction. This deposit will be utilized as part of the construction cost on funded projects; it will be retained in the university remodeling account on nonfunded or canceled projects.
      5. Facilities Planning and Construction prepares program or scope statement and final budget estimate, including chargeable design costs, contingent costs, and other appropriate expenses, and obtains approval and clearance of funding from the requesting department.
      6. The requesting department transfers project funds to university remodeling account prior to commencement of design. Transfer shall be in the full amount of the final budget estimate. Project costs over the final budget estimate, and costs required by changes in scope initiated by the requesting department, must be funded by the requesting department by an appropriate transfer of funds to cover the additional costs. Surplus funds representing savings in actual project costs will be returned to the requesting department.
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Approved: Institutional Council 4/11/77

Policy: 3-205 Rev: 4
Date: June 8, 1977
Last Updated: 8/4/21