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Policy 3-162: Campus Mailing Services

  1. Purpose
    1. To outline the services available from and policies governing the use of the university mailing bureau.
  2. References
    1. Policy and Procedures 3-193, Requesting Service from Campus Agencies
  3. Policy
    1. Services offered by the Mailing Bureau
      1. The mailing bureau offers the following services:
        1. Maintaining campus mail distribution lists, e.g., lists of deans, department heads, principal investigators, faculty and staff members, etc.
        2. Use of mailing permits.
        3. Special mailings.
        4. Addressograph services.
        5. Mailing of official university catalogs and bulletins.
        6. Mailing of interlibrary exchange material.
        7. Postage metering.
        8. Special mail packaging.
        9. Inserting material into envelopes.
        10. Addressing of envelopes and documents.
        11. First class presort program.
        12. Processing of outgoing foreign mail.
          1. The above mailing bureau services are available only to university departments and operating units, and recognized campus organizations.
    2. Use of Campus Mail
      1. Use of the campus mail system is available only to recognized university organizations for official university purposes.
    3. Use of Mailing Permits
      1. The mailing bureau is authorized to apply for, maintain, and use mailing permits available from the United States Postal Service, for and on behalf of the University of Utah and its operating units, for outgoing, nonprofit, third class bulk, presort, and first class mailings. No other university departments are authorized to hold mailing permits.
  4. Procedures
    1. Mailing bureau services may be obtained as outlined in Policy 3-193, Requesting Service from Campus Agencies. Policies and rate schedules for work performed by the mailing bureau shall be established by the vice president for administrative services or designee.
    2. Services which cannot be performed utilizing mailing bureau facilities will be contracted to off-campus commercial firms upon request by the using department through Procurement & Contracting Services, in conformity with university procurement policies, and all costs for such services will be charged to the department by processing a campus order.

Approved: Institutional Council 12/14/81

Editorially revised: 6/26/84

Policy: 3-162 Rev: 3
Date: June 26, 1984
Last Updated: 8/4/21