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Policy 3-113: Insurance Inspections

  1. Purpose & Scope
    1. To outline university policy concerning carrying out of inspections by representatives of the university's insurers and the implementation of their recommendations.
  2. Definitions [reserved]
  3. Policy & Procedures
    1. Policy
      1. Support for Inspections. The university supports and encourages periodic inspections by its insurance carriers of its plant and equipment to reduce or eliminate risk.
      2. Inspection Arrangements. Representatives of the insurance carriers will be authorized to inspect the university's plant or equipment only when accompanied by authorized university personnel.
    2. Procedures
      1. Coordination. The insurance coordinator shall be responsible for coordinating the inspection program and supporting arrangements, including:
        1. Determination that inspectors are authorized representatives of university insurance carriers.
        2. Providing for appropriate university personnel to accompany inspectors during inspection tours.
        3. Prompt evaluation of and report to the vice president for administrative services as to insurance company's recommendations based on inspections.
        4. Recommendation of specific corrective action to reduce or eliminate risks of loss disclosed by insurance inspections.
      2. Review and Implementation of Recommendations.
        1. Upon receipt of the insurance company's report of findings and recommendations, the insurance coordinator will distribute copies to the offices of vice president-executive assistant, university counsel, public safety department, facilities planning and construction, and/or plant operations, as appropriate with a request for comment. Unless immediate action is warranted, 30 days will ordinarily be allowed for formal response.
        2. After considering all comments, the insurance coordinator shall recommend to the vice president for administrative services, a university position with respect to each of the insurance company's recommendations, as follows:
          1. Specific actions that have been taken.
          2. Specific action proposed to be taken, subject to available funding.
          3. Detailed justification for rejection, postponement, or modification of actions recommended by the insurer.
        3. Following review by the Cabinet, the vice president for administrative services will issue an appropriate institutional response to the insurer.
  4. Rules, Procedures, guidelines, Forms, and other related resources
    1. Rules [reserved]
    2. Procedures [reserved]
    3. Guidelines [reserved]
    4. Forms [reserved]
    5. Other related resource materials [reserved]
  5. References
    1. Policy 3-300, University Health and Safety Policy
    2. Policy 5-310, Accident and Liability Reporting and Prevention
  6. Contacts
    1. Acting as the Policy Owner, the Manager of the Office of Risk Management is responsible for answering questions and providing information regarding the application of this policy. Acting as the Policy Officer, the Office of the Vice President for Administrative Services is responsible for representing the University's interests in enforcing this policy and authorizing any allowable exceptions.
  7. History
    1. Editorially changed to update format, numbering, contact information, October 29, 2012
    2. Policy Approved by Institutional Council: April 11, 1977; Approved by Board of Trustees: June 8, 1977

Policy: 3-113 Rev: 0
Date: October 29, 2012
Last Updated: 8/4/21