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Policy 3-032: Reimbursement or Payment of Moving Expenses [Rev.2 OUTDATED]

  1. Purpose

    To establish criteria and Procedures for granting reimbursement or payment of moving expenses to new faculty and administrative employees.

    [User Note: This Revision 2 of Policy 3-032 is outdated--- no longer providing a fully accurate description of practices regarding employee moving expenses. Recent changes in federal tax law have made it necessary to change the University’s methods of compensating new employees for moving-related expenses. In lieu of the process described in this now-outdated Policy, those expense compensation methods will now be described in a set of Guidelines associated with University Policy 5-403, available at A revision process is currently underway to delete this Policy from the University Regulations Library, under the supervision of the Institutional Policy Committee. For further information about the policy revision, contact the Financial and Business Services office For further information about the current procedures for compensation moving expenses please contact the appropriate Human Resource Employment Service Team (staff employees) or appropriate Office for Faculty (faculty employees).]

  2. Definitions

    Policy 3-030, Travel Policy

    Policy 3-031, Recruitment and Entertainment Expense Policy

    Buying & Payment Guide

  3. Policy and Procedure

    1. Reimbursement or payment of moving expenses is not meant to be granted routinely, but may be offered to prospective faculty or other employees as an inducement to accept an offer of employment.

    2. The employing department will be expected to provide the funds for moving expenses.

    3. Payment is limited to the cost of moving ordinary and customary personal and household effects. Equipment, collections, etc. specifically related to or enhancing the profession or discipline of the prospective employee, may be included if approved by the cognizant vice president.

    4. Reimbursement of actual and reasonable travel costs related to relocation of new faculty members or employees is subject to compliance withPolicy 3-030, Travel Policy, and specifically limited to:

      1. One trip for employee and spouse for the purpose of securing housing.

      2. Mileage for a personal car driven by the employee or dependent and transporting the employee's immediate family to the Salt Lake City vicinity.

      3. Reasonable cost of lodging and food during authorized trips.

    5. An employee may be reimbursed for reasonable costs of temporary family housing for up to a maximum of five days, if arrival of household goods has been delayed for reasons beyond the control of the employee.

    6. Reimbursement or payment will ordinarily not be offered for:

      1. Transportation of more than one motor vehicle.

      2. Transportation of pets or other animals.

      3. Moving of recreational vehicles, trailers, boats, snowmobiles, airplanes or other nonhousehold items.

      4. Transportation of special, large or unusual equipment or collections, not generally a part of or used in an ordinary household, except as allowed under paragraph III.C. of this policy.

      5. House cleaning services or cleaning of carpet, draperies, etc. for both old and/or new residence.

      6. Damage to or replacement of articles moved.

      7. Insurance premium over and above the cost of insurance ordinarily provided by the moving firm.

      8. Moving expenses of a new employee living less than 50 miles from Salt Lake City.

      9. Realtor or similar fees in connection with sale of old and/or purchase of new residence.

      10. Any unusual or extraordinary item(s), unless specifically agreed upon prior to the move.

      11. Employees may personally and separately contract with the moving firm for the moving of item(s) not paid for by the university.

    7. The move shall be performed by a moving firm acceptable to the University of Utah. (Contact Procurement & Supply Management)

    8. If an employee chooses to move by rental trailer or truck in lieu of a commercial moving firm, the actual rental and mileage charges for the vehicle utilized in the move, as well as reasonable related costs, are reimbursable, not to exceed the costs of a commercial mover.

    9. In no case may the amount reimbursed be in excess of the actual cost incurred by the employee. Receipts are required to document the actual cost incurred.

    10. If an employee, for reasons within his/her control fails to complete one year of subsequent service, any moving expenses paid or reimbursed by the University of Utah must be returned by the employee.

    11. The university complies with federal and state regulations on reporting reimbursement and payment of moving costs as additional income to the

      employee. Applicable deductions may be claimed by the employee by filing the appropriate forms in his/her annual income tax filing. All federal and state income and/or payroll taxes that might be due on reimbursed or paid moving expenses are the responsibility of the employee and will not be paid or reimbursed by the university.

  4. Questions Regarding This Policy

The Office of the Vice President for Financial and Business Services is responsible for answering questions regarding the application of this policy.

Approved: Academic Senate 4/15/93 Board of Trustees 9/13/93

Policy: 3-032 Rev: 2         [OUTDATED]
Date: November 25, 2019
Last Updated: 9/17/20