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Academic Policies

Course Contents, Evaluations, Instructional Materials, Registration & Scheduling; Internships.

  • Accommodation of Core Beliefs-Offensive Materials (6-100-III-Q)
  • Class Attendance, Excused Absences, Makeup Work (6-100-III-O)
  • Course Evaluations-Procedures
  • Course Examinations-Scheduling
  • Course Numbering System (6-100-III-E)
  • Course Registration (Add, Drop, Withdraw) (6-100-III-G-5)
  • Course Scheduling-Academic Outreach and Continuing Education Courses (6-102)
  • Course Scheduling-Class Cancellation due to Emergency Closure of University
  • Course Scheduling-Generally (Academic Calendar Periods, Room & Time Changes, Special Events), (6-100-III-A, D)
  • Credit Hours-Standard Workload, Adjustments (6-100-III- C)
  • Credit, Non-Credit, & Remedial Courses-Criteria (6-100-III-G-7)
  • Field Trips (10-003)
  • Internships at Outside Agencies-Approvals Required (3-004)
  • Instructional Materials-Faculty Financial Interest in Selection (Self-Authored Materials) (6-316, Section 4-B-10)
  • Instructional Materials-Permissible Means of Distributing for Sale to Students (6-406)
  • Instructional Materials-Receipt & Disposal of 'Complimentary'/ 'Review Copy' Books (6-318)
  • Syllabus Contents Requirements (Attendance, Workload, Objectives, Classroom Activities, Offensive Materials) (6-100-III-G, O, Q)

Last Updated: 8/4/21