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Policy 6-316.6 Appendix: Instructions for Filing Complaint For Violation of Faculty Code (Policy 6-316, Section 6)

  1. With the Vice President for Academic Affairs or for Health Sciences
    (And for Possible Submission to the Faculty Hearing Committee)
  1. Complete the Complaint Summary Form summarizing the nature and basis for the complaint.
  2. Elaborate in an attached Complaint, and as completely as necessary, the brief answers to I - V on the Summary
    1. Give a Factual History of what the party believes the faculty member did or failed to do.
    2. Explain why the complaining party believes the facts demonstrate the faculty member violated the cited sections of the Faculty Code. If applicable, explain why the complaining party believes that faculty member intentionally violated another provision of the PPM.
    3. Describe attempts to remedy the situation. State any committee, office or administrator approached about this matter. State what appropriate administrator (chair, dean, etc.) has administrative oversight of the faculty member, what that administrator has been told, and any actions that administrator has taken.
    4. If the complaining party has been directly aggrieved, describe how the complaining party has been harmed.
    5. State what remedy is requested and explain why.
  3. Attach an Appendix including copies of any document relevant to the matter, relied upon, or referred to. Number pages of appendix or provide identifying numbers/letters for each document referenced, and provide a cover page for the appendix.
  4. Make (3) copies of ALL of the ABOVE and an additional copy for each faculty member named as respondent or whose actions are complained of.
  5. Provide all copies to the cognizant Vice President (Vice President for Academic Affairs or Vice President for Health Sciences).


Last Updated: 8/4/21