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Policy 6-304: University Promotion and Tenure Advisory Committee. Revision 2.

Effective Date: September 17, 1999

  1. Purpose and Scope
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  2. Definitions
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  3. Policy
    1. Membership
      1. The University Promotion and Tenure Advisory Committee shall consist of fifteen tenured faculty members and four fully matriculated students, including at least one graduate student, with the vice president for academic affairs or the vice president's delegate as ex officio chairperson.
    2. Election to the committee
      1. The faculty members of the University Promotion and Tenure Advisory Committee shall be elected by the tenure-line faculty for three-year terms, with one member from each of the colleges. One-third of the faculty terms shall expire each year. The student member shall be selected for one-year terms according to Procedures established by and under the supervision of the Associated Students of the University of Utah. Committee members may be reelected and succeed themselves as representatives of their respective areas. To be elected, a candidate for this committee must receive a majority of the votes cast in the candidate's college. No individual who is an ex officio member of the Academic Senate shall be eligible for election to this committee.
    3. Appointment of alternates
      1. The Personnel and Elections Committee of the Academic Senate shall appoint an alternate to function in the place of any elected member of the committee who resigns or will be absent from the university for one or more semesters, or expects to be absent for such a period. If a duly elected member returns to the university, that member shall assume the committee position and serve out the balance of the term.
    4. Disqualification
      1. No committee member shall be present during the consideration of any case from a department with which the committee member is associated as a faculty member or a student major, or for any case in which the committee member has been involved in the sequence of review. In addition, committee members shall decline to participate in the consideration of any case in which they have a personal bias or interest which would preclude their making a fair and objective decision.
    5. Duties
      1. Case Review. The University Promotion and Tenure Advisory Committee shall perform such duties as may be required under the provisions of Policy 6-303, III-H & K, and Policy 6-003, III-Section 2-C.
      2. Standards. The University Promotion and Tenure Advisory Committee shall receive and review the annual report of the RPT Standards and Review Committee relevant to departmental standards, and, based on its experience with given departments' standards, may recommend that the committee review the standards of a department.
    6. Recommendations
      1. The recommendations of the University Promotion and Tenure Advisory Committee will be submitted to the cognizant vice president.
  4. Rules, Procedures, Guidelines, Forms and other related resources
    1. Rules
    2. Procedures
    3. Guidelines
    4. Forms
    5. Other related resource materials
  5. References:
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  6. Contacts:
    1. The designated contact officials for this Regulation are
    2. A. Policy Owners (primary contact person for questions and advice): Associate Vice President for Faculty and the Associate Vice President for Health Sciences.
    3. B. Policy Officers: Sr. Vice President for Academic Affairs and the Sr. Vice President for Health Sciences 
  7. History:
    1. Editorially revised January 5, 2023 to remove outdated faculty terms.
    2. Editorially revised to remove gendered language on April 11, 2022.
    3. Editorially changed 1/19/2010 - Title changed to include the word "University."
    4. Approved: Academic Senate 3/1/99
    5. Approved: Board of Trustees 9/17/99
    6. Approved: Academic Senate 5/3/99
    7. Approved: Board of Trustees 5/17/99
    8. (The Senate changes on 3/1/99 were approved on 9/17/99 by the Board of Trustees Executive Committee.)

Policy: 6-304 Rev: 2
Date: September 17, 1999

Last Updated: 1/5/23