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Policy 10-003 Appendix: University of Utah Statement of Understanding (Field Trips)

  1.  The undersigned hereby acknowledge(s) and agree(s) that:
    1. ____________________________ (herein referred to as "Participant") expects and intends to participate in one or more field trips to be sponsored by the University of Utah during the academic year ending June 30 following the execution of this Statement of Understanding.
    2. In consideration of the University's sponsorship and direction of such field trip(s), participant hereby states that the participant has read and understands the terms and conditions of the University of Utah Policy and Procedure 10-003 and specifically agrees to be bound thereby.
    3. Participant further agrees and understands that during each such field trip the participant will be under the direction and control of the trip director approved by the University of Utah, and specifically agrees to comply with all reasonable directions and instructions by the trip director during the course thereof.
    4. Participant understands and acknowledges that there are specific risks of injury to person and/or property that are associated with field trips, including risks related to travel hazards, terrain, weather, eating and sleeping arrangements, and other circumstances. Participant specifically agrees to and voluntarily assumes the risk of such injuries, and hereby certifies and represents that participant will arrange for appropriate personal accident/health insurance coverage (e.g., hospital/medical insurance, student health insurance, University short-term accident insurance, etc.) during the period of each such field trip.
    5. Participant understands and acknowledges that the University of Utah assumes no liability for personal injuries or property damages to participants or to third persons arising out of field trips, except to the extent that such liability is imposed by law, including the Utah Governmental Immunity Act (Utah Code Annotated Sections 63-30-1 et seq.) and the Utah Public Officers' and Employees' Indemnification Act (Utah Code Annotated Sections 63-48-1 et seq.). Participant agrees to indemnify and to save the University harmless from any liability arising out of the acts or omissions of participant during any such field trip, subject to any limitations or restrictions against such indemnification that are imposed by law.

      Date:   Signed:   Participant
      [If participant is under the age of 18, the signature of at least one parent, or of a legal guardian, must be supplied.]
      Date:   Signed:   Participant

Last Updated: 4/7/22