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Regulations Under Review

Last updated: 10/23/2014

Regulations Proposal (new or revised) Date introduced to IPC Status Contact and other info Final Approval Date
Rule 3-010A: Expenditure of University Funds & Personal Reimbursements 9/12/2014 The rule has been implemented, but the enforcement of the Rule may be delayed, pending further discussion with CAD, ect Jeff West  
Rule 4-003A 9/20/2013   Lori McDonald
Rule 6-401A 1-18-2013 Waiting on confirmation date when revisions to policy 6-401 will be completed. Once date has been confirmed the IPC committee will approve this Rule without the revisions being made to the policy. Lori McDonald

Interim Rule 4-004D[Encryption of Protected Health Information]

8/16/2013 This Interim Rule was approved to meet new federal standards deadlines. It is being refined and will continue through the approval process to become an official Rule/Policy. Rene Eborn This Interim Rule received temporary approval by the President on August 20, 2013.
Policy 1-013 Safety of Minors on Campus 8/8/2014  This new policy demonstrates the University's commitment to provide a safe environment for minors that engage in campus activities and programs  Lori McDonald  
Policy 1-200 3/21/2014

This policy clarifies sexual orientation and make terminology consistent with Regulation Library

Revise Policy 5-102, Policy 5-106, and Policy 6-316

Bob Flores  
Policy 2-002 Board of Trustees 7/11/2014 The revision cleans up the policy and refers to Utah Code and Board of Regents policy Laura Marks
Policy 3-300 Environmental Health and Safety Policy  9/12/2014 This policy is being revised to updated to be in compliance with state law.  John Nixon
Policy 4-001 University Institutional Data Management Policy  

This policy's revisions will be part of the policy 4-004 package- part of the revisions may include the retirement of one or more existing policies

Bob Flores  
Policy 4-004 University Information Technology Research Security Policy   Revisions are to establish the University's information Security Program to ensure compliance with all federal, state and local laws, regulations and statutes Rene Eborn  
Policy 5-002 Personnel File

 3/21/2014 The revisions to this policy will clean up language to reflect updated terminology Jeff Herring  
Policy 6-317 Academic Visitors

3/21/2014 Combining former content of 6-317 and 6-405 and eliminating 6-405 Bob Flores  
Policy 6-420 Scholarships 3/21/2014 This new Policy will set the regulations for the new Scholarship (Awards) Office. Mary Parker
Policy 7-100 9/21/2012 Institutional Review Board information being moved from UPol 6-300 Brent Brown  
Last Updated: 7/13/19