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Rule 5-403A: Approval Requirements and Exceptions for Additional Compensation

  1. Purpose and Scope:
    1. This Rule explains the process for submitting a request for exception to the Additional Compensation requirements as outlined in Policy 5-403 Additional Compensation and Overload Policy.
  2. Definitions
  3. Rule
    1. Approval Requirements and Exceptions
      1. An Additional Compensation Form, accompanied by the written agreement required by Policy 5-403 paragraph III.F.2., must be submitted to the Payroll Office to request payment for services performed pursuant to Policy 5-403:III.E. and F.
      2. Each approving officer, by affixing the approving officer's signature to an ePAF, or Additional Compensation Form thereby certifies that all the requirements for payment of compensation as specified in Policy 5-403 and this Rule are satisfied.
    2. Payment Through Payroll System
      1. 1. All additional compensation will be paid through the payroll system, subject to applicable withholding and deductions.
  4. Procedures, Guidelines, Forms and other Related Resources
  5. References
    1. Policy 5-204, Remunerative Consultation and Other Employment Activities.
    2. Policy 3-111, Independent Consultant Agreements.
  6. VI. Contacts
    1. Policy Owner: Questions about this Policy and any related Rules, Procedures and Guidelines should be directed to the Director of Employee Relations.
    2. Policy Officer: Only the Vice President for Human Resources and the Senior Vice President for Health Sciences or  designee has the authority to grant exceptions to this Policy.
  7. History.
    1. Current version: Revision 0 - effective date: December 13, 2011
    2. Approved by Academic Senate: November 7, 2011
    3. Editorially revised Match 23, 2022 to remove gender-specific pronouns.

Rule: 5-403A Rev: 0
Date: December 13, 2011
Last Updated: 3/23/22