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Rule 5-402: Eligibility Standards for Voluntary Deductions

  1. Purpose and Scope:
    1. This rule identifies the eligibility for voluntary deductions through payroll.
  2. Definitions (reserved)
  3. Rule
    1. University-Endorsed Programs
      1. The following University-endorsed programs are eligible for voluntary payroll deduction on request by the employee, without imposition of a processing charge:
        1. Any optional basic or supplemental insurance benefits program approved by the University.
        2. Any optional basic or supplemental retirement or annuity program approved by the University.
        3. University Federal Credit Union share purchase (savings) or loan payments.
        4. Faculty Club memberships.
        5. University parking permits.
        6. University of Utah development and/or alumni fund contributions.
        7. University-wide charitable fund-raising programs approved by the Board of Trustees.
      2. Additional University-endorsed programs for payroll deduction may be approved, and previously approved programs (including those designated in paragraph 1 above) may be terminated by the the Vice President for Human Resources upon a determination that the best interests of the University so require.
    2. Deductions Subject to Processing Charges
      1. Payroll deductions on a voluntary basis are approved for the following purposes, subject to applicable conditions specified in paragraph C, below, including payment of processing charges:
        1. Dues and fees required as a condition of membership in a University employee organization.
        2. Season tickets for attendance at University sponsored intercollegiate athletic events, Pioneer Memorial Theatre productions, and University Lectures and Concerts series.
        3. Annual fees for use of campus recreational facilities.
      2. Additional payroll deduction programs, subject to processing charges and to the conditions of paragraph C below, may be approved, and previously approved deduction programs (including those described in paragraph A.1) may be terminated by the Board of Trustees Vice President for Human Resource upon a determination that the best interests of the university so require.
    3. Conditions Applicable to Processing Charges
      1. Each category of the processing charge required in connection with voluntary payroll deductions taken under paragraph B, above, including fees to be added to authorized deductions from individual paychecks, shall be uniform in amount and approved from time to time by the Vice President for Human Resources.
      2. Processing charges shall be fixed and adjusted so that the estimated aggregate annual collections from such charges will substantially offset but not exceed the estimated annual incremental costs to the University of providing payroll deduction services under Section B.1.a.
      3. The amount of the processing charges, as collected, will be credited to the account of the University Payroll Office and will be used to offset wholly or partially the incremental costs associated with the implementation of payroll deductions under Section B.1.a.
      4. Members of a University employee organization will be eligible for initiation of payroll deductions under Section B.1.a. for the purpose of membership fees or dues only if (1) a responsible officer of the organization presents to the University Payroll Office a written request for payroll deduction privileges, and (2) pays any required initial processing charge for implementing the deduction program.
      5. Payroll deductions for season tickets and annual recreational fees are subject to the following conditions:
        1. Payroll deductions for these purposes will be implemented only upon written request from the responsible operating unit, with approval of the cognizant vice president.
        2. Prior to implementation, specific administrative arrangements for each deduction program, including the payment of any required initial processing charge for implementing the deduction program, the format of deduction authorization forms to be used, time periods during which deductions will be authorized, and accounting and reporting systems to be used, must be specifically agreed upon in writing, signed by the cognizant vice president and the Vice President for Human Resources.
        3. Upon termination of employment of any person purchasing season tickets, or paying annual recreation fees, on a payroll deduction basis, the University Payroll Office may withhold the amount of any unpaid portion of the total price or fee, together with applicable processing charges, from the employee's final paycheck. See 1953 Utah Code Anno. 53-45-3.
        4. Any undercollection, whether such undercollection results from the termination of employment of the purchaser, a reduction in or termination of compensation payable through the University's payroll system to the employee, a programming or data processing error, or other cause, shall under no circumstances be chargeable to the University Payroll Office but shall be the sole obligation and liability of the operating unit which requested the payroll deduction program.
        5. Payroll deduction authorizations for season tickets or annual recreation fees shall beEmployee Services Center responsible operating unit, not less than five working days prior to the end of the applicable payroll period, of a request for cancellation signed by the employee and bearing the written consent of an authorized representative of the responsible operating unit.
    4. Implementing Forms and Procedures
      1. The Vice President for Human Resources shall prescribe operating guidelines and practices for carrying out this Policy, including appropriate forms and assignment of administrative responsibilities.
  4. Procedures, Guidelines, Forms and other Related Resources
    1. Procedures (reserved)
    2. Guidelines (reserved)
    3. Forms (reserved)
  5. References
    1. Policy 5-402: Payroll Deductions
  6. Contact
    1. Acting as the Policy Owner, the Director of Benefits is responsible for answering questions and providing information regarding the application of this policy.
    2. Acting as the Policy Officers, the Vice President for Human Resources (or designee) and the Senior Vice President for Health Sciences (or designee) are responsible for representing the University's interests in enforcing this policy and authorizing any allowable exceptions.
  7. History
  8. Current: Revision 0
    1. Approved by the Academic Senate: October 3, 2011
    2. This Rule went into effect on October 11, 2011 when the changes to Policy 5-402 were approved by the Board of Trustees.

Rule 5-402 Rev: 0
Date: October 11, 2011
Last Updated: 8/4/21