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Policy 3-193: Requesting Service From Campus Agencies

  1. Purpose
    1. To outline the method of obtaining services from campus agencies wherein one account number is charged and another account number is credited.
  2. References
    1. Policy 3-190, Requisition Preparation and Processing.
    2. Buying & Payment Guide
  3. Policy
    1. Services may be requested from campus service agencies by submitting a Campus Order directly to the appropriate agency.
    2. Transfer of funds between departments to complete a sales or service transaction will be made only if submitted on a completed Campus Order. Campus Orders require the following minimal information which shall be included by the buying and selling departments as follows:
      1. Buying department
        1. Name of buying department
        2. Appropriate account and amount to be charged
        3. Description of the service or goods requested
        4. delivery instructions
        5. Authorized signature
      2. Selling department
        1. Appropriate account and amount to be credited
        2. Amount to be charged to the buying department
        3. Authorized signature of selling department
    3. Departments should contact the selling department directly concerning incorrect charges billed by the selling department.
    4. Selling departments may refuse to accept orders that it reasonably believes will be dishonored by the buying department.
    5. Campus Orders may not be used for transactions under $1.00. Requests for services below this minimum will be returned to the selling department. Departments should accumulate these transactions for submittal when the cost exceeds the $1.00 limitation.
    6. Normally orders will not encumber funds until payment is made. Departments wishing to encumber funds in advance of payments or establish a blanket order with other campus agencies may do so as follows:
      1. Campus Orders should be marked "encumber" and sent directly to accounts payable.
      2. Blanket Campus Orders need only the account to be charged, amount encumbered and authorized signature.
      3. Payment of encumbered or blanket orders will be made by submittal of an unnumbered Campus Order identified with the encumbered order number.
      4. If the amount paid is different from the amount previously encumbered, or if the encumbrance is to be cancelled, please write special instructions for cancelling on the order.
      5. Encumbrances will be made only for orders in excess of $25.

Policy: 3-193 Rev: 1
Date: January 22, 1981
Last Updated: 6/28/17